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Wherever your business is on its journey through the digital world, work with us.  Tinker Thinker Consulting will help you achieve the next level – and far beyond.

Find the product from the table below that best fits your needs and let’s crack open the toolbox and see what works for you!

Site AnalysisConsultingDesign & DevelopmentWebsite Management

It’s not about traffic – It’s about profits.

C’mon, what website couldn’t use more traffic?

But the traffic only matters if it converts to profits. It’s time to take a close and objective look at your website and how it functions as a part of your overall business plan.

If you’re struggling for your piece of the Internet turf and want to score greater profits, then you need to know what’s working (so you can add more of that) and what’s not working (so you can fix it. NOW!) [Learn more…]

If you just want more traffic —– then don’t read this!

Consulting sessions with us are not about more traffic. They are about turning more traffic into higher profits.

For this reason we call our consulting appointments Profit Growth Sessions.

How do you know if you are ready for a Profit Growth Session with us? [Click here to find out!]

Custom-built websites to suit your individual business needs

Your site needs to be a unique Internet presentation that represents your brand, your products or services and your thoughtful, well-cultivated personal approach to business and life.

Tinker Thinker Web Design and Internet Consulting is a contemporary full-service design and development firm. We use only the most cutting-edge tools to handle your ecommerce, education, forums, consulting, speaking, publishing or other business needs.

State of the art

We use automation tools, ecommerce systems, report generators, split campaign testing tools, surveys, customer management tools and so much more. Your online business profits will soar if you take advantage of automation and analytic tools that promote growth and cash flow in a real-time environment.

We are typically booked 3-4 months in advance and we work exclusively with businesses ready to harness the global power of the web. [Click to contact us about web development]

The Internet changes WAY too fast to leave your website unattended!

The great thing about the Internet is that it gives you a “Branch Office” that is relatively inexpensive to maintain when compared to a brick and mortar presence.

Your lease costs are low, you don’t have to think about parking, your liability is far lower, you can visit your customers anywhere in the world without ever setting foot in an airport, and you can outsource the staff costs to the experts at Tinker Thinker Web Services for far less than you would pay for salaries, insurance, taxes and benefits.

But you still need to keep it fresh and market it effectively if you want to gain a foothold. [Click to contact us about web support and maintenance.]