Profit Growth Sessions

If you just want more traffic —– then don’t buy this!

Consulting sessions with us are not just about more traffic. We focus on turning more traffic into higher profits.

For this reason we call our consulting appointments Profit Growth Sessions.

How do you know if you are ready for a Profit Growth Session with us?

  • Do you have a site, but believe it could be making you more money? Bringing you more customers?
  • Are you confused about how to make you site perform better?
  • Do you have great ideas for you site, but feel like you don’t know how to roll them out?
  • Are you overwhelmed about how to implement the Internet and SEO tips and tricks you read about everywhere?
  • Do you want to take your site to a higher level of sales conversion?
  • Are you disappointed by how your site is performing?
  • Finally, are you frustrated with all the reading about how to improve your site and feel like if you could just talk to an expert in the field it would all make sense?

Then you are ready to reap all the benefits from a Profit Growth Summit!

Your Profit Growth Session experience includes:

Website Analyzer – (in your email box within 48 hours) we will send you a report with a detailed top-level analysis of your website. The report will contain the following:

  • SEO Score with detailed recommendations
  • SEO Analysis and constructive ideas for improving the quality of search engine optimization
  • In depth keyword analysis
  • Speed Score with recommendations for improvement
  • Load Time Score with recommendations for improvement
  • Review your website’s responsiveness on various devices, i.e., Desktop, Tablet, Phone
  • Recommendations regarding placement of content
  • Detailed analysis of your website’s social media impact and popularity drilled down to specific pages and the their individual recognition on social media
  • Backlinks counter offering insight into how many sites link back to your website
  • Countdown of the indexed pages attached to your website
  • Competitor competition – Compare your site to up to three websites of your competitors
  • Review what they are doing right and recommendations for what changes you can make to improve your site immediately

Custom Video Review – (in your email box within 5 days) In this video I will shoot straight with you about what is working on your site and what is not. I will discuss all the data in the Website Analysis you received and explain how it can be used to increase your website’s productivity and profits. Additionally, I’ll tell you directly what you need to change today on your website to make it more effective, more user-friendly, more persuasive and more profitable.

90 minute Skype or Phone call – (you pick the time) This is your chance to ask any questions, get additional recommendations, get more in-depth answers. I will address your thoughts on any of the topics covered in your Website Analysis, your Custom Video Review or any other ideas you have for your site. I will also share with you recommendations and actionable strategies to immediately implement to your website that will to add value for your customers and clients, making them happier and more loyal to both you and your business.

Note: In order to offer my clients the greatest quality product I limit the number of Profit Growth Sessions available each month.

Opportunity Fee: $925

Contact me today to set up a consultation.