About Tinker Thinker Consulting

We know why you’re here.


You have a great business or business concept.

You’ve created a product or service uniquely your own.  One you know has value to loads of people who are out there looking for you right now.

Your goal is exactly right!

You know your potential customers are all looking for your services online. You know you absolutely MUST have a dynamic digital presence on the Internet to get the word out and make the splash you want for your business.

But there’s a problem – you have serious limitations on the number of hours in your day!

You need to be fully engaged in the business of building and supporting your company and your customers.  You know the Internet is a constantly evolving world and it seems like a full time job just keeping up with the changing requirements. You’re right! 

You are absolutely positive you could be successful if only all your potential customers out there could find you and get the chance to experience the quality and benefits of your products or services!

WorriedManInBedBut there isn’t enough time to do it all! You just cannot successfully build your business AND build your web presence.

You are a professional in your field.

And, since you found Tinker Thinker Consulting, we know you understand you need a professional, who understands the constantly evolving world of the Internet, working beside you so you can keep your attention focused – where it needs to be – on your core business!

Great work!  You’re finding out about Tinker Thinker Consulting just in time!

We are business professionals who are passionate about making our customers’ goals become reality.  We have been consulting and building profitable businesses, both on and off the Internet, for over two decades.

Honestly, we have a particular talent for translating this complex and technical world into clear language and accessible concepts you can easily understand.

And because we absolutely LOVE what we do, you might just find the excitement contagious!

What sets Tinker Thinker Consulting ahead of the rest?

The Internet can easily feel like a vastly confusing and unfamiliar landscape to those who don’t spend their days living in it as we do. We get that!

At Tinker Thinker, we provide a boutique service. We only accept clients who have made a clear decision to grow their businesses on the Internet and who realize, with the evolving complexity of the Internet, they must collaborate with Internet business professionals to make that successfully happen.

We offer design, management and consulting options to fit your needs.

We encourage you to view our team as an extension of your own team, because, in our vision, the only measure of our success is your success.

Let’s begin the next exciting expansion of your business and profits.